Where in the world is Adri?

Hi all! It’s been a fairly long absence from sharing any new posts on this blog, it’s true. For one, I am never sure what to say that has any value. On Twitter, a 140 character medium, I have a bit more luck as many small observations can be made in one line. But writing something worthy of a few more characters seems like a daunting task sometimes!

In any case I felt like an update was well overdue. The reason I haven’t been very active online is that I am investing a gargantuan amount of time getting educated! Whoa…

Yes, I am in school and I’ve been taking eight courses at a time which is no small load. It’s been a huge privilege and I’d even say it’s been transformative… but it’s not left time for many other peripheral pursuits. For this reason I haven’t done many other things I wish I could have done for the sake of focusing on my classes.

Why does a musician who is already making music go back to school? The answer to that question is probably worthy of a whole post on its own, so maybe I can tackle that later. In any case, suffice it to say that I’m gaining a lot by doing this or I wouldn’t do it! 😉

Currently, I’m in final exams. I have seven in total to complete and just one down so far. Next week is “skills” week where we basically have to perform one on one agility tests involving playing musical motifs, pieces and various other skills tasks. It’s the most terrifying week of the term, when even the most stoic calm-as-a-cucumber players can get frayed to the core. For me, this time around it’s especially exciting because of some things going on family-wise which are also fairly stressful in and of themselves. Good practice for staying present, but I wish the universe hadn’t sent me this particular challenge at this particular time!

Until next time, stay well and carry on. ❤

Hoard Dynamite Roll Expansion

For those who haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend the videogame Hoard! Available for PS3 and Steam for both Mac and PC, Big Sandwich Games has just released an expansion for it cleverly titled “Dyanmite Roll” on the Steam platform.

I actually did the score and sound design for this fantastic game. Working with Tyler Sigman was a pleasure and I had fun extensively play-testing this title. I think the thing that impresses me the most, besides the awesome gameplay, is that I never actually got bored of it. I would venture to say 99% of people I know working games will eventually loathe the title they are working on by the end (at least a little) due to sheer repetition. This one never managed to wear thin for me, not ever, and continues to be one of my favourite games to this day. 🙂

So if you’re cruising for a fun, quick, addictive game that also works well in groups — be sure to check it out!

Oh yes, and IGN gave it their “Best Quick Fix” award for 2010… Still not convinced? Here are some nice things that Ars Technica had to say about the game.

New PSN Videogame Hoard Showing at PAX, Featuring an Original Score by Adriane Lake

Hey fellow game nerds. If you are headed to uber-geek fest PAX, be sure to check out the videogame Hoard from Big Sandwich Games at booth #3012 . Slated for a Fall 2010 release on the Playstation Network, this is a minis/fig inspired tile-style game where you fly around as a little dragon and burn the crap out of things to collect a massive hoard of gold. It’s ridiculously fun! I would know, having played it copiously while composing the score and doing all the sound design. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I had fun working on it!

Here’s a sneak preview, since the first trailer was just released in honour of PAX:

Adriane Appearing on Hollow Earth Radio

Tomorrow Morning, Sunday August 9 at 10AM, I’ll be appearing on the internets. I’ll be joining David Newman on Hollow Earth Radio for his show “Under the Influence”. Dave’s show is described as following “the development of musical ideas across time, space, and genre.” We’ll be playing some tracks, including ones from my newly released Morning Glow album and having a morning chat. I am really looking forward to it; this will be my first invitation to appear on the radio for this release.

I invite you to join us and tune in!

Free MP3 Monday at Analog Suicide

For those of you who missed it yesterday on my Twitter, one of my tracks was included in Tara Busch’s new weekly Free MP3 Monday. Tara Busch, for the uninitiated, does the Analog Suicide blog and is a fellow female Electronica artist. Her new album, Pilfershire Lane on Tummy Touch Records is hot off the presses and also comes in a fun limited edition box set. Recently she also did an official remix for Bat for Lashes‘ wonderful single “Daniel” and documented her process on youtube. (Pretty darn cool Tara!)

Head over to Tara’s site to grab your own copy of the Free MP3s from Monday, including my track “So Beautiful” which is the album opener to Morning Glow.

Imogen Heap Album Artwork Contest Awesomeness

Well, now that it’s posted elsewhere, I might as well tell you… I’m a winner! No, not in the not-a-loser highschool way, but in the you-won-a-contest sort of way. Now, as anybody who knows me knows, I do NOT win stuff. I am very lucky in many ways, but that isn’t usually one of them. So that is pretty exciting.

What happened was: Imogen Heap, in all her brilliant inventiveness, invited her followers on Twitter to submit photos via Flickr for use in her album artwork project. She selected a handful of winning entries and to my complete amazement, one of my photos was chosen out of a thousand entries or so! It delights me to think I get to contribute in a tiny way to Imogen’s new album, titled “Ellipse”. I really dig her stuff, and I can’t wait to see and hear the new release.

If you’re dying to hear it too, then listen to Imogen’s new single “First Train Home” at Stereogum.

The photos selected even earn a groovy cash prize. It’s amusing that, technically, the first outside record company cheque I will ever receive in my life will be for a photograph. I suppose this is also the first time I’ve ever sold a photograph. So Imogen, you are customer #1! Thanks Immi!

In a strange twist of fate, Imogen’s album is actually coming out in the same month as mine… am definitely in good company for August releases by chicks rockin’ the synth. 🙂

Here is the photo that was selected:

Cherry Blossoms