Where in the world is Adri?

Hi all! It’s been a fairly long absence from sharing any new posts on this blog, it’s true. For one, I am never sure what to say that has any value. On Twitter, a 140 character medium, I have a bit more luck as many small observations can be made in one line. But writing something worthy of a few more characters seems like a daunting task sometimes!

In any case I felt like an update was well overdue. The reason I haven’t been very active online is that I am investing a gargantuan amount of time getting educated! Whoa…

Yes, I am in school and I’ve been taking eight courses at a time which is no small load. It’s been a huge privilege and I’d even say it’s been transformative… but it’s not left time for many other peripheral pursuits. For this reason I haven’t done many other things I wish I could have done for the sake of focusing on my classes.

Why does a musician who is already making music go back to school? The answer to that question is probably worthy of a whole post on its own, so maybe I can tackle that later. In any case, suffice it to say that I’m gaining a lot by doing this or I wouldn’t do it! 😉

Currently, I’m in final exams. I have seven in total to complete and just one down so far. Next week is “skills” week where we basically have to perform one on one agility tests involving playing musical motifs, pieces and various other skills tasks. It’s the most terrifying week of the term, when even the most stoic calm-as-a-cucumber players can get frayed to the core. For me, this time around it’s especially exciting because of some things going on family-wise which are also fairly stressful in and of themselves. Good practice for staying present, but I wish the universe hadn’t sent me this particular challenge at this particular time!

Until next time, stay well and carry on. ❤

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