What’s in a Name?

For those who wondered – I wanted to address my change of artist name. This upcoming release will be released as Adriane Lake as opposed to my nickname Adri. Why, you may ask, when Adri was a perfectly good name? Well, for several reasons. It was actually a choice I really agonized over. I even went so far as to take an informal poll of all my buddies to ask them which they prefer, but in the end I had to make the choice on my own.

Some of the arguments in favour of the fullname were that it sounds more “mature”, is better suited to someone who is also doing vocals/songwriting, and is pretty decent as far as names go. Some of the arguments for keeping my nickname were that it’s kinda quirky and that’s how people knew my past work. Personally, I happen to find two part names more sticky. Bjork, Madonna and Feist obviously do OK, but whatever you release as, it should be as sticky as possible.

In the end the biggest deciding factor was, well, Google. In this day and age, an Indie is going to be using the internet more than any other media to share their work. For this reason, one should be easy to find. I already feel lost enough in this massive ocean saturated with music, the last thing I need to do is to swim out into it vastness without so much as a safety flare. I should make myself available. If listeners like what I do, they will hopefully try to find me… So while Adri is a very unique name, Adriane Lake is actually vastly more unique to search engines, the iTunes store or any other searchable medium. Adri generates more unrelated results for anybody named “Adrian” or the word “Adrift” – you get the idea. So in the end it made the most sense.

Also, I already had my dot com, which anybody will tell you is kind of lovely.

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