Well, it seems I’ve had my head down and percolating for a while. Not so many posts lately, but if you are ever trying to track me down you’ll often find me on Twitter. For some reason the micro-posting 140 character limitation helps me with the problem of ruminating too much about what to post in a full blog entry. That, and it’s incredibly social. I am an incredibly social person, despite spending an overwhelming amount of time alone in a room mainly populated by equipement (and cats.)

I have indeed been making music in the last while. There’s been a good bit of songwriting actually! You know, that old-fashioned thing occasionally done a clunky piano with a graphite stick and a flat sheet of tree byproduct. Yes, I like to do it that way too, I don’t know why people find that surprising. I suppose they picture an electronic artist with an army of synths and big snakes of patch cords. Yes I have that too! 🙂 But something about writing with simple tools helps me to really make sure the bones of what I’m writing are decently able to withstand whatever production massage I’ll subject them to later…

In any case, that’s my life in a nutshell lately.

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