Have You Read The Lefsetz Letter?

Lately I think a lot about the music industry. In a way, it’s become sort of a job requirement. Being mainly DIY at the minute, nobody else is going to figure it out for me… so I find myself pondering the business while standing in the shower or surfing music blogs a lot more than I used to. Truth is, there is a pretty big shift happening right now.

While trying to get my bearings, my most excellent friend Anomalous Disturbances introduced to the Bob Lefsetz blog, the “Lefsetz Letter“. He writes this semi-radical, forward-thinking blog from the point of view of an industry veteran who’s not afraid to shoot from the hip. He often suggests industry changes, making the big business status quo seem like a sick puppy taking its dying last few breaths. (Except people feel exceptionally sorry for sick puppies.) But in amongst the strongly worded posts, he’s stacked up some definite wisdom… you might even say some of it is downright enlightening.

Being new to the biz, I admit I am sometimes bemused by the seismic shift taking place in music. Thankfully us newbs can turn to industry bloggers for direction or inspiration. If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you definitely check out Bob’s blog.

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