Well, it seems I’ve had my head down and percolating for a while. Not so many posts lately, but if you are ever trying to track me down you’ll often find me on Twitter. For some reason the micro-posting 140 character limitation helps me with the problem of ruminating too much about what to post in a full blog entry. That, and it’s incredibly social. I am an incredibly social person, despite spending an overwhelming amount of time alone in a room mainly populated by equipement (and cats.)

I have indeed been making music in the last while. There’s been a good bit of songwriting actually! You know, that old-fashioned thing occasionally done a clunky piano with a graphite stick and a flat sheet of tree byproduct. Yes, I like to do it that way too, I don’t know why people find that surprising. I suppose they picture an electronic artist with an army of synths and big snakes of patch cords. Yes I have that too! 🙂 But something about writing with simple tools helps me to really make sure the bones of what I’m writing are decently able to withstand whatever production massage I’ll subject them to later…

In any case, that’s my life in a nutshell lately.

Free MP3 Monday at Analog Suicide

For those of you who missed it yesterday on my Twitter, one of my tracks was included in Tara Busch’s new weekly Free MP3 Monday. Tara Busch, for the uninitiated, does the Analog Suicide blog and is a fellow female Electronica artist. Her new album, Pilfershire Lane on Tummy Touch Records is hot off the presses and also comes in a fun limited edition box set. Recently she also did an official remix for Bat for Lashes‘ wonderful single “Daniel” and documented her process on youtube. (Pretty darn cool Tara!)

Head over to Tara’s site to grab your own copy of the Free MP3s from Monday, including my track “So Beautiful” which is the album opener to Morning Glow.

Imogen Heap Album Artwork Contest Awesomeness

Well, now that it’s posted elsewhere, I might as well tell you… I’m a winner! No, not in the not-a-loser highschool way, but in the you-won-a-contest sort of way. Now, as anybody who knows me knows, I do NOT win stuff. I am very lucky in many ways, but that isn’t usually one of them. So that is pretty exciting.

What happened was: Imogen Heap, in all her brilliant inventiveness, invited her followers on Twitter to submit photos via Flickr for use in her album artwork project. She selected a handful of winning entries and to my complete amazement, one of my photos was chosen out of a thousand entries or so! It delights me to think I get to contribute in a tiny way to Imogen’s new album, titled “Ellipse”. I really dig her stuff, and I can’t wait to see and hear the new release.

If you’re dying to hear it too, then listen to Imogen’s new single “First Train Home” at Stereogum.

The photos selected even earn a groovy cash prize. It’s amusing that, technically, the first outside record company cheque I will ever receive in my life will be for a photograph. I suppose this is also the first time I’ve ever sold a photograph. So Imogen, you are customer #1! Thanks Immi!

In a strange twist of fate, Imogen’s album is actually coming out in the same month as mine… am definitely in good company for August releases by chicks rockin’ the synth. 🙂

Here is the photo that was selected:

Cherry Blossoms

Imogen Heap Averts Troublesome Leak, Indies Still Have Nothing to Worry About

The last couple days on Twitter, it seems some serious beeswax went down concerning Imogen Heap‘s hotly anticipated new album “Ellipse”. A fan noticed a listing for a pre-release press copy of her album for sale on eBay, which is a big big nono. In the ensuing Twitterstorm Immi and her fans took to the listing and managed to bid the errant promo CD up to the delightful amount of ten million pounds. In the end it seems the listing user canceled the ridiculously high bids, while eBay got smart to the violation and took down the listing.

The promo disc was actually labeled for a specific reporter, which made things look extra suspect. Leaking a release for profit could get you blackballed bigtime. In the past, the majors have even gone so far as give reporters CD players that are glued shut with a disc inside to prevent dupes. In any case, the reporter in question says his mail was stolen and his employer is standing behind him. Crisis averted, all is well that ends well… sortof.

The illustrious Thomas Dolby wrote blogged his reaction to this event, and also took that opportunity to convey his distaste for music reviewers in general. (Fortunately, I do not share his feelings about reviewers — perhaps because I haven’t had my heart broken by them yet.) also picked up the story early, and then updated it to help clear the journalist’s reputation.

I’ve been following Immi’s journey in making her album on Twitter for a while now, and it’s been a comfort to know what there are others (albeit vastly better known) going through some of the same crap I go through making music. The leaking problem however, I am fortunate not to worry about. The good news about being a small indie artist is that nobody WANTS to leak your stuff yet. Leaks only have value if the release is hugely anticipated. That could change, but for the minute, I can happily mail out out unprotected promos to media as I see fit.

If you don’t already know Imogen, do yourself a favour and listen to her last album “Speak for Yourself”. It’s a delicious concoction of synths and earnest girlish vocals — and you know how much I like that. 😉