Morning Glow Officially Unleashed

Wow! Today is the day. On this lovely Tuesday “Morning Glow” is finally released. After all the toiling, false starts and take after re-take – I am pleased to finally offer my latest album for sale. It’s available through most of the major download retailers such as the iTunes store, and eMusic. If you want a hardcopy of the CD, you can also mail order it through IndiePool or mail order it through

Finally, if you want to get it brought into your local CD shop you should be able to special order it through HMV.

If you like it, don’t keep it to yourself! Indie DIY artists such as myself really rely on word-of-mouth to generate sales. Also, anybody feeling keen on it are encouraged to review it in online shops such as iTunes. Every little bit helps! 🙂

Imogen Heap Album Artwork Contest Awesomeness

Well, now that it’s posted elsewhere, I might as well tell you… I’m a winner! No, not in the not-a-loser highschool way, but in the you-won-a-contest sort of way. Now, as anybody who knows me knows, I do NOT win stuff. I am very lucky in many ways, but that isn’t usually one of them. So that is pretty exciting.

What happened was: Imogen Heap, in all her brilliant inventiveness, invited her followers on Twitter to submit photos via Flickr for use in her album artwork project. She selected a handful of winning entries and to my complete amazement, one of my photos was chosen out of a thousand entries or so! It delights me to think I get to contribute in a tiny way to Imogen’s new album, titled “Ellipse”. I really dig her stuff, and I can’t wait to see and hear the new release.

If you’re dying to hear it too, then listen to Imogen’s new single “First Train Home” at Stereogum.

The photos selected even earn a groovy cash prize. It’s amusing that, technically, the first outside record company cheque I will ever receive in my life will be for a photograph. I suppose this is also the first time I’ve ever sold a photograph. So Imogen, you are customer #1! Thanks Immi!

In a strange twist of fate, Imogen’s album is actually coming out in the same month as mine… am definitely in good company for August releases by chicks rockin’ the synth. 🙂

Here is the photo that was selected:

Cherry Blossoms

New Blog

As I sit here and listen to a gorgeous Moby track on Groove Salad, I am pondering what the gist of this blog should be. Those of you who followed me from before will remember that I used to keep a blog, until it seized up and suffered an untimely death during an upgrade. I posted on issues of music, city culture, cats, technology, and various other things that particularly grabbed my interest. At this point, I am starting afresh with a new blog… Hopefully this one is more durable.

That being said, a wise geek friend smartly advised me to separate my artist blog from my other more random musings. He suggested I keep an artist blog and a supplemental blog, or alternately take up microblogging. So it’s with this in mind that I started testing out Twitter to see if I liked it. I had reservations, mainly because it has the word ‘Twit’ in it – but I ended up loving it. So, henceforth, I think I’ll attempt to offer some more newsy, artist-relevant and targeted posts on this site. And for the other other stuff, you know, like for when it’s Caturday or my fingers are just burning to blurt something out at random… Well you’ll find me on Twitter instead where I’ve been hanging out.

Hope this pleases. If you have any requests for stuff you want to read about, I’m all eyes.