Recently featured on Stuck in My Skull Blog

Recently my track So Beautiful was featured in the “Stuck in My Skull” blog — and the blogger praised for my elite Hipsterness due to the incredibly low profile I typically enjoy. Thanks Christopher for your kind words: “She’s hipster enough not to have a wikipedia entry. Regardless of that, her CD Morning Glow recently made its way into my hands, and I love it.”

You can read the blog entry here, and download the featured track here. Enjoy!

Fun Article in the Georgia Straight

A while back I appeared in a Georgia Straight feature about local artists’ new year’s resolutions… I should have blogged it here, but I am a smidgen too shy for my own good. 😉 I just feel slutty posting my own press!!! Don’t you?

I’m trying to get over that, so here is the adorable picture of some of us local girls that we took for the article you can read here. Guess which one is me? Yep, I’m the goofy one with the streamers… It was actually a really fun shoot, the photographer was really great!

Best Albums of 2011

My buddy Fidgital for years has put out his annual list of best albums of 2011. This is the best-of roundup I look forward to most of all each year. Granted, by then he’s already turned me on to most of the releases, but I always find a couple new surprises to cherish.

He usually also makes a great best song DJ mix to mark the new year. This year is possibly his best ever! Listen here:

Be sure to check out his Journal entry detailing all his picks! 🙂

Hoard Dynamite Roll Expansion

For those who haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend the videogame Hoard! Available for PS3 and Steam for both Mac and PC, Big Sandwich Games has just released an expansion for it cleverly titled “Dyanmite Roll” on the Steam platform.

I actually did the score and sound design for this fantastic game. Working with Tyler Sigman was a pleasure and I had fun extensively play-testing this title. I think the thing that impresses me the most, besides the awesome gameplay, is that I never actually got bored of it. I would venture to say 99% of people I know working games will eventually loathe the title they are working on by the end (at least a little) due to sheer repetition. This one never managed to wear thin for me, not ever, and continues to be one of my favourite games to this day. 🙂

So if you’re cruising for a fun, quick, addictive game that also works well in groups — be sure to check it out!

Oh yes, and IGN gave it their “Best Quick Fix” award for 2010… Still not convinced? Here are some nice things that Ars Technica had to say about the game.