About Adriane

Adriane Lake Photo 03Adriane Lake is a Canadian composer and vocalist, with a background in jazz, pop and electronica. Based in Vancouver BC, her work has appeared on OverClocked records and has charted in college stations across the US and Canada. Her video game experience includes creating all the audio and an original score for the award-winning PlayStation video game Hoard. She also penned a pop song at the request of a New York Times best-selling author for a tie-in with a hit book series. Since enrolling at the VCC School of Music as a voice major, she has undertaken extensive study of composition and arranging. She has been awarded multiple academic scholarships, including twice earning the Highest GPA Award.

Media Quotes

“Fun, brilliantly composed, and unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time, Adriane Lake makes wonderful music. Morning Glow is incredibly addictive; I plan to keep it on heavy rotation…” – Panic Manual

“…mixes intertwining vocal lines with subtle, popping beats, and washes of electronic ambience, in places evoking Kate Bush, Bjork, and ’90s drum ‘n’ bass.” – The Delete Bin

“This bearing of the soul opens you up to Adriane and provides a depth that is often missing from her contemporaries in the electronica world.” – markbrosnan78.wordpress.com

“The music here is charming without being cloying, simple and fun without being trite.” – MikeZellers.com

“These tracks show that Lake is a talented producer and arranger…” – Discorder Magazine

Some Praise for Previous Work

“Balance between ambient and techno… pushes the boundaries of what a song should be.” – Discorder Magazine

“A brilliant piece of ambient analog emotion, bubbling with newness & life.” – Fidgital, award-winning Canadian electronica artist.