About Adriane

With her latest project, composer and vocalist Adriane is arranging and recording a backlog of creations from her time spent studying in music college. After broadening her interests into the areas of vocal jazz, big band swing and live collaboration — Adriane has rebooted herself in a new phase of her musicianship. 

Adriane first started out by exploring experimental sound, playing keys in an avant industrial band and tinkering with an 4 track tape recorder. She became passionate about 8-bit mod tracking on her Amiga and from there she delved deep into synthesis and sound design. Her curiosity led her to study electronics engineering at BCIT in order to bond more closely with her machines… 

Since then she released two full length self-produced electronica albums. Her latest album Morning Glow appeared on OverClocked Records (2009) and has charted widely on college stations across North America. She also created an original score and sound design for a video game titled Hoard, which went on to receive the IGN’s Best Quick Fix award.

After meeting Berklee Songwriting teacher Pat Pattison in a series of workshops in her hometown of Vancouver, she took up vocal performance and composition. This eventually led her to pursue a degree in contemporary voice, where she studied voice with Kate Hammett-Vaughan and Paula Kremer at VCC Music School.

During her time in college, she has also undertaken extensive studies in pop and jazz composition and arranging. This had lead Adriane to explore her love of texture, melody and simple elegance in her work with live ensembles. She arranged original compositions for vocal trio The Turnarounds, for the PreBop Ensemble as well as for the 18 piece VCC Jazz Orchestra. Most recently, one of her original instrumentals was chosen by a juried panel to be showcased by the illustrious Alan Matheson Septet. 

Adriane continues to explore her love of diverse genres, developing new pop, jazz and electronica creations for myriad settings. She strives for a freshness and a simple elegance in her approach, bringing elements of familiarity and surprise to her musical structures. Equally at home in both vocal and instrumental composing, Adriane is excited to discover what her forthcoming musical adventures will bring.

Media Quotes

“Fun, brilliantly composed, and unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time, Adriane Lake makes wonderful music. Morning Glow is incredibly addictive; I plan to keep it on heavy rotation…” – Panic Manual

“…mixes intertwining vocal lines with subtle, popping beats, and washes of electronic ambience, in places evoking Kate Bush, Bjork, and ’90s drum ‘n’ bass.” – The Delete Bin

“These tracks show that Lake is a talented producer and arranger…” – Discorder Magazine